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Attendance System

A biometric time attendance system enables you to wipe out employee proxy attendance. Physiological features like fingerprints and face detection are nearly impossible for someone to replicate or share, and thus makes it foolproof.

Payroll Management System

Attendance and leave management are connected to payroll, which is critical. A biometric system connected with your HRM software that enables your team to reduce errors related to payroll processing.

Real-Time Data

Advanced biometric time attendance systems easily connect with your HR software. This enables you to make reports without any trouble, based on the most recent information for analysis. You don't have to wait for the information to be upgraded for confirmation.

Low Cost

Since it depends on physiological features such as fingerprints, you don't need to worry about over expenses of RFID/Chip cards, which end up being costly, as employees tend to lose such cards or in case they abscond, both of which are very basic nowadays.

No Data Manipulation

Attendance and leaves recorded using biometric devices means that your employees can't manipulate their data for overtime to earn extra money, lunch time/breaks and leaves. A biometric time attendance system helps you to easily keep a tab on employee activity.

Security and Service

We provide complete security solutions that biometric giving you the flexibility to mix and match to suit your needs. Our software consistently integrates with a wide variety of biometric security devices for complete access control within your facilities.

Biometric Devices





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